Critics who slammed Chelsea Clinton for lifetime achievement award’ made one critical error

On April 21, Chelsea Clinton will receive an award from Varietyhonoring her work with Alliance for the Healthier Generation, which works to empower kids to adopt healthy eating habits. The award, announced on Wednesday, is called the Lifetime Impact Award. This is because it is presented in partnership with the TV network Lifetime.

Unfortunately, some too-eager Twitter users, then journalists, then whole outlets The Hill,Heat Streetand Death and Taxes, to name a few did not make this connection.

Instead, they pushed the idea that Clinton was winning a (lowercase) “lifetime achievement award” at the age of 37. This instantly incurred the wrath of critics, particularly surprise! those who do not like her anyway.

Later on Wednesday, the corrections started to roll in. Proper nouns, man. They’re pesky.

This is a bummer for a few reasons. First, it perpetuates false information known in some circles as “fake news.” Second, it highlights the internet’s problem with fact-checking i.e. that it does not do enough of it. Finally, does this mean none of these critics have ever watched the hit Lifetime program UnReal? Great show.

Jessica Chastain, Gayle King, Blake Lively, Audra McDonald and Shari Redstone will also receive Lifetime Impact Awards that’s Lifetime the television network next month.

In the meantime, a couple more news sites have a correction to make, no?

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