Fearless Girl Statue Vandalized To Look Like A Trump Supporter!


The “Fearless Girl” statue has been an inspiration to women and their allies ever since

But as bad as that jackass was, what some

They even gave her signs like “Vets B4 Illegals” and “Trump” with picture of the white nationalist mascot Pepe The Frog.

Thankfully none of what they did appears to be permanent, but SO infuriating they did this to a Girl who couldn’t fight back. Though that is typical Trump, isn’t it?

But on the other hand, we like to think she does kind of does fight back. We mean, just look at how defiant she is no matter what!

[Image via Twitter/Johnny Louis/WENN.]

Read more: http://perezhilton.com/2017-03-20-fearless-girl-donald-trump-supporters-deface-statue-wall-street

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