Late-night TV on GOP healthcare bill: ‘popular with everyone except mortals’

Comics, including Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, discussed the allegations surrounding Obama using a microwave to spy on the new president

Late-night hosts took aim at both the Republicans healthcare reform and Kellyanne Conways suggestion that Obama may have spied on Donald Trump using his microwave.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert spoke about the disastrous reaction to the American Health Care Act, Trumps replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

So far it is popular with everyone except doctors, hospitals, the insurance industry, patients, the elderly, Democrats, Republicans and whats the word? Mortals, he said.

He then referred to the plans champion Paul Ryan as speaker of the House and personal trainer who high-fives way too hard before calling Conway a Trump adviser and stepmom who is trying to replace your mother.

He then ridiculed her suggestion that a microwave could have been used to spy on Trump. Microwaves that turn into cameras, he said. How do you think we film this show?

He then revealed that one of the main cameras was in fact a microwave before taking another jab at Conway who claimed that she wasnt Inspector Gadget. Inspector Gadget had all sorts of tools at his disposal, he said. Gadget skates, Gadget-copter. Kellyanne Conway has only one move: go-go alternative facts!

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host also joked about Conways reference. And when Inspector Gadget heard that he said even I think youre crazy and my hat turns into a helicopter.

He then replayed footage of Bernie Sanders laughing at Trump saying that no one understood that healthcare was so complicated until now. Bernie Sanders hasnt laughed that hard since he used to babysit Charlie Chaplin, he said.

He also showed Trumps nonsensical explanation of how the new plan would work. Basically Trumps take on healthcare is an Abbott and Costello routine, he said.

Trump reportedly held a pizza and bowling night to try to persuade important Republicans to back the bill. Thats right, Trump is trying to sway members of Congress with an eight-year-olds birthday party, he said.

There was also time to ridicule congressman Jason Chaffetz and his claim that Americans need to spend less money on iPhones and more on their healthcare. Americans need to cool it with the gadgets, Meyers said. They always want the hot new iPhone or pacemaker or crutches when a good old stickll do.

He played footage of Trump acting surprised that Obama seemed more popular with people now. I love how Donald Trump cant figure out why Obama is suddenly so popular, he said. Its you, dude!

He then added: Trumps like the guy who clears out the subway car because he shits his pants and then says oh I guess that was everyones stop.

On the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon also found time to laugh at Conways microwave comment. Im not sure if Kellyannes microwave is watching her, but it sounds like she spends a lot of time staring directly into it, he said.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host spoke about Sean Spicers much-criticized attempts to try to explain Trumps comments about Obama.

Sean Spicer backpedals so fast, the Cowboys just signed him to play free safety, he said.

Kimmel also referred to the tweet that kicked it all off where Trump referred to Obama as bad or sick. If Obama is sick then hes definitely not getting health insurance because thats gone, he said.

He added: If Obama did put a camera in a microwave, all hed find out was that Donald Trump doesnt know how to work a microwave.

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