Microsoft doesn’t want you to download apps from outside the Windows Store


Windows users, take note: a potentially annoying update is headed your way.

Microsoft is currently testing an update to Windows 10 that will prevent you from installing apps from outside the Windows Store, MSPowerUser reports. The feature is similar to a feature on Macs, which by default prevents users from installing apps from “unidentified developers”. The update is set to release in April in the upcoming Creator’s Update.

As of now, the feature will be turned off by default. It’s supposed to help protect casual users from malware and bloatware, but it could impact developers who release their apps via direct downloads from their websites rather than via the official Windows Store. The company is also reportedly working on a ChromeOS-like version of Windows 10 that will completely prevent installing Win32 apps.

Image: mspoweruser

Some users, like Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney, have criticized the move for being anti-competitive.

Sweeney said that the move disadvantages competing online stores a big issue on Windows versus Mac, considering the operating system’s majority market share.

Remember, though, that Microsoft has the option turned off by default for now. Users can easily turn it on if needed, which can be a good option for IT admins or parents of young children.

Of course, that could change. We’ll keep you updated.

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