One dog really needs to know what’s happening on the other side of its fence

Where is this dog located and is science advanced enough to clone it and distribute it worldwide? This planet needs more pups this jumpy.

One very nosy pooch just had to know what was going on over its fence. And so it made that happen.

While at first it looks like this bouncy dog is on a trampoline, upon closer investigation it becomes apparent that he’s probably just jumping. Like, on his own. A good six feet in the air.

The video, posted on UK-based dog day care Safe Paws‘s Facebook page, is worthy of a lot of hard looks:

A local woman was walking her dog when she spotted this pup having a rendezvous of his own.

The dog in question mostly looks like it’s wondering why anyone is paying attention to it. “What, is this unusual? Do dogs not do this? Why are you filming me?”

It can be assumed that a small crowd soon gathered, the dog signed to an agent, and it will be appearing on Britain’s Got Talent in the upcoming season, possibly as the new host.

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