Prominent Twitter accounts compromised after third-party app Twitter Counter hacked

    A number of prominent Twitter accounts were hacked to tweet Nazi messages afterTwitter Counter, a popular tool for analyzing Twitterfollowers, was hacked.

    Official Twitter accounts belonging to Amnesty International, Forbes and other prominent organizations, not to mention many regular users, were accessed to postswastikas and other Nazi-related messages in a move thought to be relatedto Turkeys diplomatic spatwith the Netherlands and Germany,the Guardian reported. The accounts themselves were not hacked. Instead, the attackers gained access to Twitter Counters service, which was then used to send thetweets.

    The messages have since beendeleted, butAmnesty was among those to confirm that it hadbeencompromised.

    Twitter Counter, which is owned by the same parent company as tech blog The Next Web*, confirmed the issue. It said that it had issued a block on the ability to post tweets from its service to nullify the threat.

    One thing is important to note we do not store users Twitter account credentials (passwords) nor credit card information, Twitter Counter CEOOmer Ginor added.

    In addition to that, Twitter confirmed thatit had taken action on its side.

    We identified an issue affecting a small number of users. Source was a 3rd party app and it has been resolved. No action needed by users, the companysaid in a statement.

    The incident is a reminder that despite all of the options for securing a Twitter account, apps and services that connect to the social network offer a route for hackers to compromise users. That was the case here. If youre a Twitter user who connected many servicesto your account, then it may be worth reviewing or disconnecting them via this setting hereto avoid potential issues in the future.

    *Disclaimer: The author of this post was previously employed by The Next Web

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