Trump aide links London attack to travel ban, gets dragged

It’s safe to say that many British people weren’t happy about the Trump administration’s reaction to the London attack.

First Donald Trump Jr. was dragged on Twitter for sending a contemptuous tweet criticising London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Now it’s the turn of Sebastian Gorka, a national security aide to the president and former editor for Breitbart.

Gorka told Fox News that the terror attack in Westminster, that left four people and the attacker dead, “should be a surprise to nobody”.

The war is real and thats why executive orders like President Trumps travel moratorium are so important, he said.

However, many people on Twitter were quick to point out that the British-born attacker, Khalid Masood, wouldn’t have been affected by Trump’s revised ban, which is about people from six Muslim-majority countries but has been blocked by federal courts:

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