Trump refuses to shake hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

President Donald Trump, well-knownfor havingthe most respect for women of all the people in the world ever, very much accidentally failedto hearGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel while sitting with her for a photo opportunity.

With just more than anhour before Friday’sjoint press conference between Trump and Merkel, the two world leaders sat side-by-side inside the Oval Office during a photo op. As seen from this clip from Time, the pair sat together with little exchange as cameras snapped in the foreground.

That is, until about 30 seconds into the clip, when Merkel and photographers are heard both asking Trump if he wants to take a photo of the two shaking hands.

Even when the request is being asked from both in front of and beside him, Trump just doesn’t seem to realize, or hear, or chooses not to respond to, Merkel’s offer to pose for the cameras.

It’s not a ridiculous requestwe’ve seen Trump shake hands with other international leaders before, but they have just happened to be men. But despite Twitter‘s commentary, everyone has heard the president’s proclamations that he has the most respect for women, and there’s no wayhis failure to even acknowledge the chancellor’s voicecould actually be misconstrued as sexist.

It’s ok, though. Because even though Trump’s women-respecting ears didn’t hear Merkel’s question, he still shook her hand at the end of their press conference.

See, y’all. Not sexist. And Merkel didn’t even need to imitate a 30-year-old Boeing airplaneto get the greeting.

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